Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Your Jester has Returned with a Proclamation!

Hey, all! It's your old buddy, Teenlink. Well, not so teeny anymore. More like *Epic drumroll* AssistantManagerLink! That's right, binky boys and girls, I'm moving on up in the world. But enough about me. I'm actually here on official business to announce the Ani-Pock 2013 reunion!
We're going to set it for some time this summer, so all you college people can come along. I'm going to aim for June 22nd. We'll have blasts from the past like Punkchick and myself, and maybe a few other surprise guests ^_~. Oh, and for the first time in six long years, A-P will be hosting anime, right through this blog. For an old timey, nostalgic feel, we've picked our first show of the evening. First released back in 2006, (which you Detective Conan types might remember as the time around which we stopped hosting anime) it's The Girl Who Leapt Through Time! Second movie, unless any of you Pockers have objection, is going to be The Cowboy Bebop Movie, Knockin' on Heaven's Door! If you haven't seen this movie, be sure to tune in! You're in for a great ride with the bounty hunters. If you have, well, tune in anyway. You know how good this movie is. Got some ideas for what else should be on our playlist? Maybe some ideas for Pocky to spruce up the site for the event? Post 'em down below!

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