Friday, June 29, 2007

Chinese Backstreet Boys or Back Dorm Boys

Two Chinese kids hop in front of a webcam and do their rendition of the Backstreet Boys. Not sure exactly why they'd want to put that on film, but it seems to have worked for them, considering it got them a 5 year contract with a commercial company. As many fans do not know the real names of the Back Dorm Boys, Wei Wei is often called simply "the big one" and Huang Yi Xin "the small one". In most videos, Wei Wei is seated on the viewer's right and Huang Yi Xin on the left. Huang Yi Xin has a cast on his left arm in some early videos from when he got hurt playing basketball.

I reccomend watching every video! you won't regret it! They are mostly equal in hilarity. I was nearly in tears by the end of them lol.

The one that got them fame. I love their expressions!

Enjoy the hilarity that is the Back Dorm Boys!



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