Monday, June 4, 2007

G8 Score Card

Here is a little summary of the Climate Scorecard the World Wildlife Fund has given the G8 countries. The full report can be found here.
Incase you can't see the summary:
USA -1.24, Canada -1.12, Russia -0.94 Red (FAIL)
Italy -0.38, Japan -0.22 Low Medium (low pass)
UK 0.00, France 0.04, Germany 0.10 (pass)

One of the topics in the G8 meeting in Germany, is Japan's new proposal of the "Kyoto Accord". This new proposal will extend the deadline to 2050 in hopes of attracting more countries...

Out of curiosity, considering many "Pockers" are from the United States of America, and I know programs seem to vary from state to state... How many people recycle or I should say have a recycling program available?
Even though Japan adheres to the same system, some areas in Japan go further in the separation... during my time in Hokkaido, I think there was 7 ways of separating the garbage. I've actually been impressed with Toronto's new additions with the separation of garbage. It's a shame that these programs aren't nation wide.

Conserving water, energy and recycling are just a few things we can do for our planet.
It doesn't stop there... besides keeping things clean in your communities, you can help keep things clean in ours... watch the "potty mouth" or typing. (o^-')b

Edit: Here is Mainichi Daily New's report on Abe's Agenda for the Summit meeting.

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