Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ani-Pock, A History

As presented by TeenLink:

Ani-Pock: The History
A long time ago, back before even elephants can remember, about 3 years ago, there was born a website. It was founded by a man of rather regular stature, known to many as Pocky. He regularly browsed the internet and found that it was difficult to locate a very popular game. This was Nanaca Crash, a game wherest you could slam a girl-carrying bicycle into a bishounen and see how far you can make him soar. This website was called “Pocky’s Flash Site.” Yea verily, Nanaca twas good, and many enjoyed themselves, but Pocky had a vision… A pristine vision filled with rainbows and dairy products and assorted Japanese goods. He began to develop his site into something even better, powering his thriving site with sugar and hamsters and the occasional potato. He built around Nanaca Crash, adding a chat box, anime, a blog and flash games he had found. This brought about much excitement and it was all good. He made friends, slayed spammers and much fun was had.

Then came along a comrade, one new to the wide, wide Internet. This was a boy of 13 named Teenlink. This would be a turning point in Pocky’s life, like getting a puppy or growing a Fu Man Chu beard. The site continued to develop, acquiring a forum, a shop, and even getting its own secret site, to be entitled “Pockyworld.” But thus came about a problem. Pocky’s Flash Site no longer fit the description of his website, and he required a new one. So thus he turned to his loyal comrades, who had been with him through many battles and many joyous occasions, through Green Green and Mahoraba, Hoy Te Amo and There She Is, and requested a new name. Pockster, Pockyland, and Chuck Norris were all suggested, but then rang out an idea from Teenlink, a name that would send shockwaves through the Internet, making people feel shiny and purple. This name was Ani-Pock. A simple, basic name combining Anime and Pocky, Pocky was astounded and accepted this name whole-heartedly. And thus came about the great Ani-Pock Empire. But it was not to last.

One stormy day, a Pockyworld member, the powerful demoness Yuki, found the power room and devoured all the sugar. In mere moments, Ani-Pock collapsed unto itself. Crawling from the rubble, Pocky quickly rebuilt Ani-Pock, but it was not the same. Getting the idea from how quickly it was fixed, he entitled this Ani-Pock Express. It was nothing more than the blog, a chat box and the title overhead, along with the sky blue that Ani-Pock had been known for. But Pocky could not be defeated by something such as a lack of sugar and began to rebuild Ani-Pock even further, recovering old things like the podcasts and the draw board and adding new things like the message center and the voice chat. Some decided that Ani-Pock would never be the same, and left, but the true and loyal remained. It was a difficult struggle, but there was hope for a new tomorrow, with even more candy and maybe even a monkey. More and more, this Ani-Pock Express has expanded, to the point which it is comparable to the Ani-Pock of ancient lore. Beaten and forsaken, but not forgotten, Pocky drives on, battling the waves of the Internet, Ani-Pock at his side.

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At October 1, 2007 at 12:58 AM, Anonymous Punkchick said...

This is Brilliant TL!!! I laughed so hard XDD

At October 2, 2007 at 11:12 AM, Blogger Meyume said...


At October 4, 2007 at 8:29 PM, Anonymous Firo said...

no it wasn't funny,
More heart-warming, seriously
*sheds a tear.


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