Saturday, September 15, 2007

Reyoko, Chapter 1

Reyoko sent this in. Grammar/spelling cleaned up by Pocky.


Reyoko, Chapter 1

Oh Reyoko what shall I do?
....I don't want you to die tonight...
...Dad don't worry I won't die tonight I promise.

Hi my name is Reyoko Zinigota. I’m 12 years old. I'm in the 6th grade and I have dark brownish black hair with bright green eyes. I live in a small town just north of Sakata Japan. I live in Akita Japan. It is a small town but it is nice. I fell ill a few months ago with a deadly disease called blue fever. I was the strongest in my class and I could do anything I wanted. But it looks like my adventure has come to an end.

“Doctor Hinsen how long does she have?”
“Jake im afrade its not looking good, I say she has three days at the most. Im sorry, its just like her mother blue fever.”
“What?? Are you sure? It’s just like her mother!
“Yes I’m sorry Jake, It will take a miracle to cure her now.”

As I lay there weak and helpless I felt more determined now than ever
I didn’t want to die yet.

“Jake lets go, she needs to sleep.”
“Alright good night Reyoko.”
“Good night dad.”

I fell in to a deep sleep but woke that night to a mysterious figure lurking in the shadow of my candle near my bed. I stayed quiet. He walked across my room and stood right next to me. I asked who he was but he didn’t answer at first. He looked down upon me and said my name is Garret.
“Why are you here and what are you going to do with that sword?” I began to panic.
“Don’t worry Reyoko its not me that’s going to do anything it’s you!”
“Wait what are you talking about I haven’t the strength to barley move much less use a sword!! And how do you know my name!!”

“Reyoko I’m your guardian from the spirit world I’ve known you since you where very small. Reyoko listen your God has heard your wish. Your wish was that you didn’t want to die yet" right.
“Yeah that’s right.”

So Reyoko if you wish to live then take the sword. He placed the sword in my arms and before I hade time to answer he disappeared in to the darkness.......

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At September 15, 2007 at 12:48 PM, Blogger Kami... said...

If this is from Reyoko who frequents here... perhaps Reyoko should've asked the "mysterious figure" if they know Reyoko's several other names...

List of identities of various ages, locations and genders is still in process, so I won't list it just yet :P


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