Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ani-Pock Guess the Character Game Day 2

That's right folks, we're in day two of the spectacular guess the character game!

The game will continue for the following two weeks, leading up to the Ani-Pock Anniversary!

So, while Lord Zaku is doing:

1. Name the Gundam character (or robot, LOL!)
2. Name the classic Ani-Pock anime character

I will be doing:

1. Name the Macross/Robotech character (have to be a fan of one or the other!)
2. Name the mainstream-ish character (the equivalent of Dusclops in Pokemon, a character you know, but maybe not right off the bat)

Zaku should be doing some updates in the voice center periodically as the games progress!

So, here's Kip's questions, and you know where to email the answers:

1. This character is a popular holographic singer of whom Myung Fang Lone acts as her "producer".
2. She lives in an underground world and aides Simon in his goals to reach the surface. She is an expert in firearms, or, at least, has a lot of guns!

Name the specific anime titles these characters come from.

Remember, don't put answers here. Email them to meeee!

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