Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SAVE THE DOTS (with a logical scientific backing)

We have encounted a dire problem; people are continually using dots in a series of pauses/awkward silences, and we cannot abide this problem any longer, because we only get so many dots per month, and since we are only halfway through June, we must conserve our dots, lest we go without! Use of question marks and exclamation points (or just lack of grammar is fine), but you must not use the dots as often as we have been, or else bad things will happen! What, may you ask? Believe it or not, the overusage of dots actually contributes to the greenhouse effect by sending horrible gases into the air; through the period key! Do note that global warming was not an issue until most every person in the world had a computer; they couldn't use the period key, so there was no issue with the horrible funk that periods unleash, but with us using periods more and more as dots and in our emoticons, the icecaps are now melting because of your dot overusage! So ask yourself, do you really want to see this cute polar bear die just for your dot dot dot? (Pick the polar bear, please!)

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