Friday, August 1, 2008

POST! POST! POST!: A guide to blogging your talents and interests to the A-P community

Okay chumps!

I've been writing a lot of nice blogposts as of recent to keep you all entertained and up to date on anime, Japanese news, and other such things, but what happens when Kip goes on vacation? Who will do the posting then!?
Now it's up to you with the blogposting access to get in here and do some posting! And you with the ideas to send them to me to write about in the blogs!

Here are some ideas, such as reviews of:
-a visit to a recent anime covention
-your anime figurines (I so want to make this a weekly feature, Pockers)
-your favorite new manga/anime
-interesting websites you have visited (Ex: see Zoombo)
-your best cosplay
-your favorite webcomic or manga artist's DeviantArt

And to expound on that last bullet, I've recently become infatuated with this character from an online webmanga called Dream Catchers. She's found on DeviantArt also.

Currently, I'm seeking someone to cosplay as this terrific character at an upcoming con.

See how easy that was?!
And fun too! You just perpetuated the enjoyment levels of many of the people on this site with fresh and interesting content. Way to improve the A-P community!

Now you try!

You might try starting by rehashing some news from the Mainichi news briefs, or maybe you will create the next big Ani-Pock phenomenon like the new "random box" or the A-P Reveal game!

Or, simply send blog suggestions to:


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