Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random Box 03: Top 5

Category: "Craziest Dream"

Top 5:

I had a dream last night of today that I went to a supermarket and made a pancake with my mom.(the lady who made it for us was crazy,she was dutch and kept spinning the pancake and saying "SPIN SPINNING SPING") For some reason,they had a tank with a dolphin/shark animal in it,so we tried to get it to marry the pancake.But it turned out the dolphin/shark was married to a piece of toast.So,the toast and dolphin divorced and the dolphin married the pancake! BEST.DREAM.EVER.

i had a dream i was a strawberry with a beard : D

Once in Missouri I had a weird dream. It went like this. I was on one end of a old creaky bridge and vikings and people from th 17th century were on the other end. They started running across the bridge, one at a time. So I took a battle axe and cut the ropes holding the bridge up. They all fell into the ocean. The bridge magically rose back up, and more people crossed, so I cut it down again. This happened about 4 more times until a guy named Charles was crossing the bridge with a giant boat on his head. So I made him fall. Then I jumped off the cliff i was standing on and ended up in the ocean with the people. And to sum up the end, we all got killed by golden mermaids.

I dreamed that I was eating ice cream and there was a dead Chihuahua in it...I lost my appetite for ice cream for a week o.o

I had a dream, that I dreamed about being in a dream, and so I woke up from my dream in my dream and I looked around and saw that I was in a dream. And then I woke up.

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