Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Here's to another 4.7%!

Well... I guess we're not dead... yet. Today the Dow Jones Industrial Average regained 4.7% of the nearly 7 it lost yesterday, or 485 out of 777 points (isn't 777 lucky in gambling though?). Honestly this is an odd trend to find though, most of the world would have panicked, I would've thought, and sold all their stocks today, but thankfully things on Wall Street returned to a sense of normalcy today. I personally took the day off to recover from something going around, and followed the stocks right up to the closing bell. I have a feeling tomorrow's growth will not be as high, I think we will see at least a 100 or so point increase, but i could be wrong. Sadly until we can find a way to get more money to the banks so they'll approve more loans to lower/average wage citizens, we probably will not see 13,000 or 14,000 point figures for the DOW for years. So! lets get everyone in America to donate a small percentage of their salary to the banks through taxes over a couple of years! oh... what?... congress just turned down something like that? ****, well i have to run to my bank and withdraw all my money so I'll let you read more here.

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