Friday, October 31, 2008

~HaPpY Halloween!~

I didn't really have enough time to put this post together, a week back I did some searching for some fun things to do, and I had Hai help me so these were some things we found interesting, and thought maybe you would enjoy too! First off, I have a great link to the history of the Holiday of Halloween, it derives from the Celtic Festival "Samhain" (pronounced Sow-in). So if you would like to read up more on this interesting Holiday, click here. Make sure to click the side link on the "Jack-O-Latern", it's an
interesting story! Watch out for "Stingy Jack".

(FUN FACT) Did you know that Halloween is the second holiday after Christmas for people spending the
most money? It was somewhere around 6 billion.

Okay now for the fun! Yay!

:Online Pumpkin Carving:
Simple, but cute ending

Most Realistic, a little more advanced
It has an instruction introduction

Placing pre-made shapes, for the lazies
This is the simplest pumpkin carving

:Halloween Cake Decorating:
Adorable, fu
n, and Yummy!

Hai's and Rin's Cakes!

:Halloween Mask Matching:
Cute, and addict
It starts out with a few, but then builds up with more

:Halloween Costume Quiz:

Perfect way to get Costume Ideas
Note: The music c
an be a little annoying XD

:Halloween Apple Bobbing Game:

It wouldn't be Halloween without this

:Halloween Monster Maker:
Make your Own Monster! This is really cool
Hint: Select your background first, they have
some great backgrounds! Second, the Layer option
is your friend!

Here is my first one:

Most of these games are thanks to Hai, enjoy and send in your
screenshots/pictures of pumpkin carving, halloween cake, and
monsters that you create! Send them to
and I'll see to it, to put them all into a gallery.

I went trick-or-treating last night, as Mokona!
It was interesting because around here they call it
"Beggar's Night" It goes back to colonist
traditions I think.

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At October 31, 2008 at 11:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awsome Post Rin!

At November 19, 2008 at 6:40 AM, Anonymous Knight of the Violet Order said...

Pocky you coward, banning me after you betrayed your own people? You couldn't take the fact that someone far younger than you beat you at your own game. You have lots, and by the realization of this game...the loser must obey the victor. You may take the True Lord from the people, but the True Lord still resides within everyone. ALL HAIL LORD ZAKU! ALL HAIL LORD ZAKU!

We are the voice of His Majesty Lord Zaku, your True Master, King, and God. Obey! ALL HAIL LORD ZAKU!


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