Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Japanese to Korean?!

So, as weird as it was for me, I have now adapted to the Korean ways of talking! :O

And it all started with reading kids (*wink*). Anywho, while in Japan, a comic is a Manga, in Korean, they are called Manhwa!

Well, my whole adapting to the Korean language is because of a manhwa called Goong (Gung) I read a while back, and once I had read that twice over (and it's still on going [yee']) I learned about the live action show/drama for it called Goong: Princess Hours! <3

So here I am tellin' you about these things, either hoping you'll read this beautifully drawn manhwa which also has it's own weird humor, or watch the show! :D

How about some K-Pop from the show? It's down below! :O

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