Monday, February 25, 2008

Ani-Pock Name the Character Day 8

This game is great to play when your internet doesn't crap out on you so you can't update it regularly!
I haven't even shown you Saturday's pic!

Well, I feel better about that.

Here's the questions:

1. His last name is Bernard, but his surname varies between Japanese and English translations. He is the third generation of the Robotech pilots.
2. She lives in a jungle, eats inordinately large objects and people, and can spawn spontaneous disco! She's just your average sweet, little girl, after all, despite what her friend says!

Bonus: Name the serieses!

Well, that's it! Give us your answers and we will tabulate the winner for the Ani-Pock awards show tomorrow! I'd like to post it by 12 PM GMT, so have your answers in by then!

BTW, I was too lazy to care to write them... but if anyone wants to know an answer to one of the questions please email me! I'll send it along!

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