Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spam is getting creative!

I got this spam email sent to an email account of mine.
I tell ya, they're getting more and more clever.

Take a look (links have been disabled for your safety):

1972 Challenger

Hello . I am selling my 1972 Challenger 340 Auto A/C SRT8 Clone R/T 408 Stroker at US $12,500.00 .
If you are not interested in this great car I would like to apologize and I would like to ask you to delete my email and you can be sure I will not bother you . If you are interested I can tell you I added some photos on imageshack . For more details please contact me at and I will answer all your questions . Here is the description :

Title: 1972 Challenger 340 Auto A/C SRT8 Clone R/T 408 Stroker
Mileage: 78,412 miles .
Vehicle Information :
VIN: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Inspection: Order an independent inspection .
Warranty: Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty .
Vehicle title: Clear .
Condition: Used .
For sale by: Private seller .
Features :
Body type: Coupe Engine: 8 Cylinder Exterior color: Orange .
Transmission: Automatic Fuel type: Gasoline Interior color: Black .
Options :CD player .
Power Options : Air conditioning .

My 1972 dodge challenger story. I’ve had this car for over 20 years. It has always been stored indoors. If you are looking for a 5-Gold-Star, numbers matching, concourse, rotisserie restoration, show car then STOP RIGHT HERE.

If you’re looking for a drop dead gorgeous, better than sex, street machine……read on. This is excellent driver. Fly in and drive it home. Originally a 340, slap-stick, A/C car it has evolved over the years to a 408 Stroked, forged crank, Eagle H-beam rods and forged Diamond dish pistons set-up at 9.8 to 1 compression. It has Mopar W-5 aluminum heads (ported by Shady Dell), Mopar W-5 intake, Mopar 1.6 roller rockers and a mild Lunati Voodoo flat tappet, it has very solid, rough idle and is an excellent cam for high performance street or bracket racing in 340-360 or larger cubic inch motors. Lunati says it’s their largest cam recommended for daily driven street machine. 7-qt Moroso oil system, weld in sub frame connectors, MSD 6-AL and billet distributor, 850 Mighty Demon carb. Dynoed at 605 HP and 630 ft/lbs at 5200 rpm’s. Automatic transmission with a 10” converter and 3.55 clutch type posi-unit in the back. It has NEW 17” wheels and tires. Awesome POWER and will smoke my new SRT-8 Challenger. Yep, I said new SRT-8 Challenger.

So this is why i need to sell this for a low price fast. I need $ 12,500 more for the new SRT-8 so this is my final asking price for the `72 Dodge. As you see in the photo this was a 100% ground up refresh restoration of a perfectly good car. It was completely disassembled to a rolling chassis then each piece was completely painted and then re-assembled with new pasts where needed including A/C evaporator and condenser, heater core, all weather stripping, marker lights, head liner, bumpers, brakes, trans rebuild, new motor, carpet, stereo and 1 year of Sirrus radio included, flip gas cap and on and on and on.Only the engine cost $10,000 new. Restoration was completed mid July and cost $15,000. It’s painted 2008 Hemi Orange Pearl BC/CC. The hood is painted, not decals. The side stripes are reflective and so is the black on black R/T emblem in the rear. The entire project was photo documented.

Things that need attention: it needs an analog adapter from MSD to make the tachometer compatible with the MSD 6-AL. Tic-toc clock rebuild. Door warning buzzer does not function. I will answer serious questions.


Aside from it sounding really authentic and reaaalllly awesome, it has been confirmed spam. Don't click any links especially the oh-so enticing picture link to a well-known photohost site.

The first obvious thing to shoot down this email, or at least any potential buyer worth his salt: CHALLENGER NEVER HAD AN SRT ENGINE OPTION IN '72!
So an SRT clone would be a big rebadge mistake.
In further analysis this: ` , is an accent mark, while this: ' , is an apostrophe. Dead giveaway the writer is not from around here.

Estentally, the car in question is pictured at the right.
Don't worry though. They almost got me. I just couldn't understand why they would try to sell one to my non-profit group...

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